A global energy management company in Europe that builds, tests, releases, and maintains new digital applications.


Mphasis devised a cloud migration and automation strategy that helped a global energy management company improve the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of its business process.



The challenges faced by the company in its existing business plan included:

  • Difficulty in integrating software development functions with IT operations
  • Release cycle time with lower agility, prolonged time to market, and business/product group dissatisfaction 
  • Operations that were not transparent due to higher cycles and service-levels 
  • Bureaucracy at every stage and a lack of good governance
  • Processes and tools that were non-standardized 
  • Systems that were non-automated


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Collaboration of enterprise and cloud architects with the customer team in a week-long workshop in France.

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Introspection on the areas of concern and brainstorming on all possible solution options.

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Arrival at a solution to redesign the virtual cloud, process, and automation framework, which included strong monitoring and governance.


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    Mphasis delivered higher agility and faster time to market through automation and “Push button” deployment, which significantly reduced time.

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    10% - 20% cost reduction across delivery.

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    Up to 50% increase in speed to market.