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A leading oil & gas company that asked us to manage its global mega data centers across Europe & the Americas, and also remote/satellite locations.




The company had problems in:

  • Operational safety and reliability
  • Efficient capital management
  • Upstream growth
  • Availability of improved systems/applications
  • Strategic IT service provider
  • Reduced number of applications



Mphasis was deployed to work on the client's estate that includes:


  • ~13,000 Servers in 49 countries
  • 8 mega data centers
  • 3 large server rooms(>100 servers)
  • 11 small server rooms (>50 servers)
  • 180 remote server rooms
  • 15 PB storage
  • 4800 databases


We began the transition in January 2011 with:

  • GHS transition kickoff
  • Skills definition
  • Staffing plan
  • Roles and responsibilities assignment
  • Governance model


By November 2011, the transition happened within six months. We had taken over 12,500 servers and recruited over 340 employees with the required skill sets.


In 2012, we worked on additional transition of Access Management and DB2 micro-focus support project in Q3 2012. We also worked on remediation across the client estate.


In 2013, we provided additional services, which included:

  • Provisioning for the client’s India location
  • Transitioning the SIv2 builds
  • Transitioning NAS & Unix


In 2014, we worked to:

  • Maintain consistent delivery quality 
  • Convert to flexible billing models
  • Migrate Project Management, ROT, PCE NAS services
  • Achieve milestone of 1000 VMs in newly rolled-out Shared Infrastructure Platform (SIv2)


Between 2015–2016, we: 

  • Kicked off managed services delivery model for DBA services & Standard Service Request (SSR). 
  • Completed critical service transition for DBA L3 support 


We provided them with the following services and solutions:

  • Unix, Wintel, Storage, Database, ESM - 2011
  • Access Management, DB2 & Micro Focus - 2012
  • Token Management, Automated Wintel patching, Unix PCE, SIV2 SSRs - 2013
  • Moved to Managed services for Unix, Wintel & Storage – 2014
  • Microsoft SCOM - 2014



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    Complied on ER (emergency release) patching at a 100% using Mphasis IP

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    Helped clients realize a pay-per-use model for all future infra builds

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    Reduced Unix server build timeframes from 2 days to 2 hours (90%)

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    Improved the Wintel patching success rate with robust and automated processes to 97%

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    Stabilized the client’s environment with an ~80% reduction in P1 incidents with various initiatives

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    Reduced the shared infrastructure in virtual server build to more than 90% (from 6 days to 6 hours)

As a result of value delivered to the customer, Mphasis was recognized as its preferred global infrastructure partner.