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January 30, 2019
Artificial Intelligence on CRM cloud
Venkatesh Thimmaraju


Let us start with the things we know and use every day.

Do you know:

  • How Google caches our data and provides search predictions as we type?
  • How Facebook suggests 'people you may know.'?
  • How the products you watched will be visible as an advertisement in most of the pages, you visit?


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If you say it’s because of the computer cache memory, NO! You are wrong.

If I say it’s because of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, YES! I am right.

Please read through to know more.



Having known the abstract of Artificial intelligence, let us now focus on the CRM, the hot favorite of business organizations.

When we say CRM on the cloud, the first thing that comes to our mind is Salesforce CRM.

Let’s understand how to use Artificial intelligence and make Salesforce a SMART CRM package.


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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI), also called machine intelligence is intelligence in machines similar to the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.

In computer language, AI research is the study of any devices that are referred to as ‘Artificial Agents’.

We connect Artificial Intelligence to everything. For e.g in

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Improved Productivity
  • Smarter Business
  • Leading Innovations
  • Business Efficiency


AI can be used in our day to day business to know and understand our clients better by analyzing their data.

Let us understand  how AI is used in CRM: 



CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Broadly, CRM is a technology, practice or strategy to help businesses to improve their relationship with customers.


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CRM began as a practice in the 1980s, when all data and records were manual. Today’s CRM is a heavily automated solution of the customer journey. Also, it is a universally beneficial solution and an essential factor in business success.

There are many suppliers who offer CRM as a package. The major giants are

  • Oracle Siebel
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • ZOHO

Among most of the CRM, our point of interest is widely used and a hot favorite Salesforce CRM.


Salesforce CRM

To understand Salesforce CRM, we will talk about ‘The Cloud.’

‘Cloud’ is a term used to describe ‘Internet’ or networked computers. The information stored in these can be accessed worldwide via web-based applications using the internet.

Salesforce is one of the efficient cloud-based CRM application serving more than 150,000 customers globally. It offers a wide variety of CRM categories and systems to meet your needs that includes

  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Analytics Cloud
  • Data Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • App Cloud


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Salesforce is a complete Cloud-Based CRM solution which can access information anywhere in the world without any hardware installation.Salesforce also offers full features and functionality at a minimal cost to fit any and every size of  business.


Why Salesforce?

Data is the primary requirement to apply intelligence and Salesforce has petabytes of data.  Data analysis and production of AI artifacts can be done without compromising on the customer’s trust.


Salesforce Einstein

‘Salesforce Einstein’ is essentially the AI aspect of Salesforce.

It helps you focus on the customer and their interests using Artificial Intelligence.

Let us take a simple scenario on CRM front: You have lots of data. Salesforce Einstein learns from all that data to deliver predictions and recommendationsbased on your unique business processes. Combined with automation,  you have the insights and time to connect with your customers.

Let’s understand how it works and what are the additional features provided by Salesforce using AI.


Sales Cloud Einstein

This application is used by the sales reps for being more productive. They can sell smarter by prioritizing their top leads and relevant opportunities with their own personal data scientist.

It scores based on your history and past deals, which is useful to understand the customer’s interests before approaching them.


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The other advantages are:

  • The likeness of a deal’s closure can be determined by identifying customer sentiment and competitor involvement. 
  • Key business developments of your accounts can be observed by staying updated on your customers’ latest news and updates.
  • Your email and calendar can also be connected to Salesforce to organize your meetings and projects.
  • It also identifies new contacts by analyzing emails and events and suggests new records to your Contacts.



This application discovers hidden insights in your data by automatically examining all variable combinations which help to predict future trends and know the next best action.


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Community Cloud Einstein

This application enables and recommends community members to discover people, content, and conversations they require to be more productive, every day.


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  • It analyzes the social activities of a contact and automatically suggests relevant contents based on their interests and needs.
  • Keeps members engaged by promoting popular content, ensures all posts and hot-button conversations are seen (intelligent activity feed).
  • Helps your contacts to find the experts on the topics to answer their questions much faster 



Marketing Cloud Einstein 

This application helps us to predict marketing strategies and deliver  right content on the right channel to the right audience with AI.


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  • Increases average order values by recommending the next best product and offer faster service for every customer on any channel
  • Helps to drive smarter marketing using predictive behavior, personalized messages and more
  • Using Einstein Image Classification, we can recognize logos, objects, food, and scenes in social media to discover new insights about what customers like even if name or keywords are not mentioned


Commerce Cloud Einstein 

This application emphasizes shopping. It can amuse shoppers with intelligent one-to-one shopping experiences through product recommendations and personalized sorting.

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  • Identifies the most effective deals and bundles with a powerful shopping basket analysis dashboard.
  • Recommends personalized products across mobile and desktop that eliminate manual merchandising.
  • Helps shoppers by personalizing search to find what they are looking for.



This application is primarily for developers and administrators.

myEinstein is a machine-learning platform that enables admins and developers to build custom AI apps purely "with clicks." Salesforce has unveiled the same at its annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. Now our trailblazers can create smarter and more predictive apps without needing a data scientist.


Additional features are:

  • Custom AI models can be created on any Salesforce field or object (with clicks, not code).
  • Build, train, and deploy custom bots to augment business processes, empower employees, and delight customers.
  • Bind the power of image recognition in the apps.
  • An advantage of changing intent in the body of text according to the sentiments of a customer across all channels.




As we read through the general and technical aspects of the Salesforce AI also called as Einstein, we can recommend it asone of the best and smartest CRM on-cloud for all type of customers and all size of businesses.

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