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August 18, 2016
Blockchain: Control un-noticed traffic violations with help of blockchain
Nitin Narkhede

Impose discipline to prevent traffic violations by providing rights to general public for creating persistent proof of system abuse as it happens

Many part of India suffers from poor city infrastructure and sub-optimal traffic monitoring capability. When no one is watching, the undisciplined drivers would use this opportunity to conveniently violate traffic rules. The results could be fatal and unnecessary many times. Bangalore traffic police collected 70cr of fine in 2015 in 76L cases. 858 people lost their lives. If the recorded number is so high, the unaccounted number could be multiple times more than this and this is just for one city. Common violations at traffic junctions, one-way driving, rash driving, drunken driving, hit & run cases, C2O polluting vehicles, unnecessary honking, pedestrian driving, speeding at zebra cross etc. are just some of the daily violations committed by many drivers. In the absence of any proof and monitoring mechanism, they run free and for many, it has become a habit.

Traffic police can prevent many of these ‘unknown’ violations if they adopt blockchain and provide violation submission rights to the general public. If anyone can submit a digital proof of traffic violation as and when it happens to blockchain based mobile application, these drivers can be fined even in an absence of any monitoring officer. The advantage here is the immutable record and persistent proof of system abuse that can be used to fine bad drivers as they are caught and reported on the system.

Benefits of using blockchain by Traffic Police department:

  1. Blockchain will bring discipline in the traffic flow and driving patterns and improve customer experience
  2. Blockchain will help reduce unnecessary accidents and deaths in many cases
  3. Besides, the traffic department will increase their revenue substantially at no additional investment in police force due to these additional fines