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July 20, 2021
Bringing Agility to Brands with Tech
Veda Iyer
Global Chief Marketing Officer, And Head Hyperscalers & Strategic Partnerships । Head Sales– APAC

We live in a digital, interconnected world. Now, more than ever before, it is imperative for businesses to move at the speed of the customer. The pandemic has only further deepened the need for agility, with more enterprises finding it essential to embrace a nimble, responsive approach. As a recent Deloitte survey showed, at least 58% of respondents had a better recall of brands who pivoted during the pandemic to meet their needs. As many as 82% said this encouraged them to do more business with the brand.

Increasingly, marketing agility, is represented by a business’s ability to assess market trends swiftly, make rapid business decisions, and reduce waste by eliminating uncertainty. Technology now has a crucial role in shaping how brands respond with speed and responsiveness to market needs. The last year has reaffirmed how technology brings agility to brands, helping organizations meet and exceed customer expectations.


Using agile tech to deliver the new, faster

At Mphasis, agility is a core value within the organization. Our Agile software development frameworks have made it possible for us to deliver the new faster. In today’s ever evolving innovation-focused business ecosystem, where gaining software agility and speed are paramount, the Mphasis integrated DevOps and Agile Framework has accelerated solution deployment securely, delivering business value at speed, and ensuring faster time to market. Mphasis has modernized the archaic through our tools for modernization, migration, and cloud native development to deliver up to 55% acceleration in modernization project delivery with zero-cost transformation. The Mphasis NextSTEP platform has shrunk core systems to enable next-gen service transformation by accelerating outcomes in productivity, agility, customer experience, and cost optimization

Our outcome driven engagement model has always made it possible for us to offer clients a consultative roadmap to digital transformation. Take how we brought this approach to a global payments firm that moved billions of dollars every year across more than 130 countries, using a network of over 50,000 agents. We engineered a solution that made it possible for the organization to rethink its slow-paced legacy systems. Our approach helped the firm achieve real-time settlement by migrating to AWS microservices while taking the organization forward into the fast pace of the digital age.

In the new normal, we have worked with our clients to apply these frameworks, tools, and methodologies to the unprecedented situation created by the pandemic. We are engineering solutions that are bringing agility to brands with tech in unimaginable ways. The change we created is reflected in two inspiring stories of change.

Like other firms across the world, a leading UK insurance intermediary group had to evolve overnight to meet the extraordinary demands of the pandemic. The firm’s 4,000 employees, working across 80 locations, handled around £3 billion of insurance premiums each year. However, its digital workspace supported only about 500 users. Now, faced with a situation where its team consisted of a purely remote workforce, the organization’s digital workspace had to ramp up significantly to support more than 2000 users. Mphasis delivered Managed Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure services and used its InfraGenie™ platform to scale up the digital workspace in just 48 hours. The re-designed ecosystem currently supports all business requirements. I believe technology powered the firm’s agile work experience and created a seamless customer experience for the brand. As remote workforces return to the hybrid workplaces of the future, we are prepared to further evolve this model to meet changing customer needs.

Technology also pioneered the art of work from home for a global insurance firm, which served customers in 210 countries. Mphasis supported the company in 20 of these locations. Faced with a global lockdown, where governments around the world shut down countries and workplaces and severely restricted the movement of its citizens, Mphasis had to enable a never tested, never considered work from home scenario for the organization. We tapped into our rich IT experience and deep expertise to find the best solution that covered every aspect of the problem ranging from employee health to infrastructure and compliance. Within 72 hours, Mphasis scaled up digital workspaces from home for 300 support staff, doubling its capacity during the first weekend of the lockdown. More than 10,000 tasks were cleared in just 10 days and 95% of queues were brought within SLAs. It just shows how an agile response can leverage technology to keep the company ahead of a changing situation on the ground, ensure business continuity, and deliver a consistent customer experience for the brand. We expect technology to bring the same agility to brands building the workplaces of the future.

In each of our experiences of outpacing change with agility in the new normal, businesses had to dextrously reimagine their offerings and thrive. In more recent times, the pandemic brought a never-seen-before urgency to their efforts. It was no longer enough for them to only be relevant. They also had to act now. To enable them in these volatile and ambiguous times, Mphasis successfully engineered a solution to address their most urgent business problems, while always staying firmly focused on the end customer. I believe the core Mphasis value of agility played a key role in our success in the face of extreme business disruption. We partnered with our clients to achieve the impossible. Together, we led the change by staying ahead of the pace of transformation.