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November 08, 2017
Creating a Positive Candidate Experience is Vital to the Talent Acquisition Process
Venkatesh Radhakrishnan

Creating a positive candidate experience is vital to the talent acquisition process

Recruiting and retaining quality talent has become an increasingly competitive activity. Companies are constantly devising new hiring practices to attract the best and brightest talent. One area that is vital to attracting new talent is creating a positive candidate experience.

Experience sets the expectation

Creating a positive candidate experience is integral to the role of a recruiter and hiring manager, as it opens a constructive line of communication with the candidates. Without this, organizations run the risk of candidates walking with negative opinions.

If companies provide a good experience, candidates will speak to their friends about it; but if it is negative, it will work conversely. Ergo, a candidate’s positive or negative experience in the hiring process will affect the employer’s brand significantly. It’s much easier to sustain a positive reputation than to rebuild it. Since the employer brand and candidate experience are irreversibly linked, it is critical that the process of talent acquisition is rightly constructed.

Creating a process to attract the right talent

We understand that candidate experience can make or break the employer brand and go to great lengths to create a positive candidate experience.

  • We communicate throughout the process: Whether it’s about giving immediate feedback for a voice screening or acknowledging the candidates visit to our career site with an immediate email, we keep the lines of communication open.
  • We think like a candidate: We apply the Golden Rule of treating others as we’d like to be treated. Our recruitment process is designed keeping the candidates’ needs and expectations in mind.
  • We are people first, sales managers second:  People want to deal with real people, and not someone who is too salesy. We make our hiring process as personal as possible.
  • We play by set expectations: We let our candidates know when they can expect to hear back or how long it will take for a decision to be made. We don’t leave people hanging.

Passive candidate experience begins when a company reaches out to a candidate, and not when they apply to the organization.  We, at Mphasis, understand that the onus is on us to provide candidates with a positive experience throughout the entire recruitment process, and not just sparking interest and walking away!