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August 09, 2016
New Tech
Daniel Joel

Ocean currents: New source of renewable energy

Ocean currents, a source of energy that is gonna add up to the list of renewable energy sources in the years to come. Turbines placed beneath the ocean are able to rotate with the help of forces acting upon them, such as breaking waves, winds, tides caused by gravitational pull of sun and moon. These spirals developing beneath are able to generate mechanical energy that makes turbines to rotate, which cuts the magnetic flux. According to Faraday law, whenever a conductor is placed in the region of time changing magnetic field an EMF is induced into the conductor. This results in current in conductor which is valuable.

Erascan: New white board scanner and eraser

Erascan is able to scan all the writings and drawings on the white board and is capable of storing the data in digital format. It lets you to transfer the data over mail, share it or delete it. It is able to identify, who is written on board and stores emails, urls, images etc. in digital format. The idea is to keep the copy of drawings for future use.

Drones: New way of delivering products

Biggest e-commerce website has recently announced that it may deliver products within 30 min or less to make customer delight. Drones are devices which can fly in air and carry the products. These are controlled by people. Since these involve in security of country we should wait for clearance of government.

The idea had been extended by Facebook founder i.e. with the help of drones it is easier to provide internet services to rural areas and to increase its users. No longer can one depend upon optical fiber to meet the increasing demands. Now these drones will be revolving at a certain height and will provide the internet services to every user.

Cybernetic Reading: New way of reading books for blind people

Implanted devices are fixed at our forefinger and at ear. When one touches the printed words with this devices, the words are pronounced at ear, with which one can read without actually seeing. These implanted devises are able to recognize the characters and is able to relay the information at ear. It’s a good gift for blind people apart from Braille.