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Thought Leadership
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November 08, 2017
Why Mphasis?
Narendra Urs

Why Mphasis?

While addressing a group of new joinees, one of them asked me, “Why Mphasis? What makes someone choose to work with you?” As I paused to consider the questions, a standard list of responses crossed my mind. I stepped back and took a minute to understand, “What do we have to offer our employees?”

Being the head of the Learning function, grooming and developing talent is something that I am committed to. The advent of disruptive technologies such as SMAC and IoT has resulted in talent becoming more precious than ever before. In fact, ‘the war for talent’ has hit all-time high. With this in mind, it becomes even more vital to attract and retain the right talent, making the question, “What makes Mphasis a great place to work at?” a vital one to be answered.

Why is Mphasis a great work place?

The strong culture of empowerment is what drives us. Flexibility and trust are the levers that set our employees on the path to career growth and achievement. With client- centricity being a top priority, our employees are free to exercise autonomy to take responsible decisions. Our success being defined by facilitating such an environment, we provide all measures necessary to foster this ‘culture of empowerment’ on all levels and across all verticals.

Fostering the culture of empowerment at Mphasis

The ‘culture of empowerment’ at Mphasis is advanced through the following ways:

By encouraging learning on the job

Growth opportunities occur on the job, where employees can learn from their peers. At Mphasis, we provide an on-the-job, competency development framework that enables our employees to acquire skills that align to both business requirements and their own aspirational needs.

By providing the ‘right’ opportunities

Experience tells us that talented people continually seek opportunities to learn. They are keen to work on cutting-edge technologies to demonstrate their capability. We, at Mphasis, foster a continuous learning environment to make our talent future-ready.

By creating a ‘learning’ organization

We provide learning environment that is a holistic integration of Instructor Led Trainings (ILT), Virtual ILTs and eLearning. Our employees get to choose from a range of topics and courses that will help them grow.

By cultivating a culture of experimentation

Purposeful learning happens when people are allowed to experiment, test and discover things that cannot be taught in a formal classroom environment. At Mphasis, we ensure that our infrastructure, learning models and platforms nurture such kinds of learning.

Employee growth will attract new talent

The key truth lies in understanding that when employees develop and grow faster than their peers, it is obvious that high-quality talent will flock to the organization. This leads to win– win situation for both the company and the employee, while providing an exciting journey of discovery and growth. Our ‘culture of empowerment’ is what should make you choose to work with us.