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My name is Antwan Harrington, a proud Mphasian and Human Resources Professional.

As an 8-year veteran at Mphasis, I have the pleasure of leading the Onsite Strategic Resourcing effort. My passion for Human Resources began 25 years ago, while serving in the United States Army as a Human Resources Specialist! It was then where it was aparent to me that caring for people despite their race, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientationor religious belief was a matter of great importance.

I bring this to the table every day in our recruiting efforts and instill this into our recruiting team. We don't focus on the nuisances that potentially can divide us but embrace what unites us, being human! We also embrace and celebrate our differences!

They are embedded in our culture and brings an apreciation for what everyone has to offer the organization. At Mphasis we celebrate diversity and embody an inclusive culture which is evident through our recruiting efforts, mentorship and development programs and our endeavour is to uplift all individuals! In this organization we have the tough conversations and address situations directly. Our Mantra says it all...The Next Applied!