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1. What made you rejoin Mphasis?
When I rejoined Mphasis in 2018, I had come off a career break due to motherhood. I had upskilled myself with an industry-relevant course as I was seeking fulfilling work to utilize my new skills and experience. Mphasis was the first company I contacted as I heard of its Second Careers Women program that creates opportunities for women returning from a break. This gave me a jump start on my second career path.

2. What is your current area of work?
I work in the AI/ML space, building and deploying AI algorithms for one of Mphasis' premier clients.

3. With WFH, boundaries between home and work have blurred. Would this pull more women in the workplace or push them out of it?
I have scheduled work timings and found work-life balance in WFH. This could certainly increase women's participation in the workforce.

4. What was our organizational culture before for women and working mothers? Do you feel the compant makes annual efforts towards improving the culture for this cohort?
Forward-thinking organizations like Mphasis are beginning to recognize that women with career gaps have a lot to offer and would like to be on the field because they enjoy the challenge at work. Today, many of our male leaders actively strive to break the stereotype and fiercely advocate for women's growth.

5. What are the qualities or areas that the women should focus to continue being ambitious in their career?
Education and skill sets are the foundation stones. Abilities can be further developed with sheer dedication and hard work. Possessing niche skills will allow one to be exceptional. Also by fostering genuine connections, one can always be on top of new opportunities.

6. Your thoughts on Mphasis being a women-friendly organization in terms of support, flexibility etc.
We have many initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion at Mphasis that build an inclusive culture and provide growth opportunities for working women. Flexible working hours and work from home aid in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.