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Mphasis believes in being a good corporate citizen by being transparent, accountable & engage constructively with Tax Authorities in all countries where it has a presence. The Company’s tax Policy consists of ensuring compliance with relevant tax laws and regulations applicable to the company in India and in all the countries that it operates in.


This policy is applicable to all Subsidiary and Joint Venture locations across the globe in general.



Mphasis Group takes a responsible approach to the management of taxation issues and ensure compliance with all tax disclosures and filing obligations. The Company seeks to achieve transparency with tax authorities by focusing on trust and compliance with Global best practices. Managing a Global business in a tax-efficient and compliant manner requires a global tax policy. The cardinal principles of our global Tax Policy are :

1.Global Tax Compliance

We act at all times in accordance with all applicable laws. We aim to comply with the letter and spirit of the relevant law by making adequate disclosures as the central focus. We aim to pay an appropriate amount of tax to each of the jurisdictions where value is created in the normal course of commercial activity, measured in terms of profits.

2.Transfer Pricing

Transactions are effected within the Mpahsis Group across tax jurisdictions in the ordinary course of business. All transfer-pricing computations are based on the well-accepted ‘arm’s-length’ principle. Further, the Group is compliant of BEPS Action 13 reporting requirements.

3.Relationship with Tax Authorities

We respect the right of legislatures and governments to determine their tax structures, rates of tax and collection mechanisms. We seek to forge mutually respectful relationships with tax administrators based on transparency and trust. We strive to work with fullest cooperation with local tax authorities and comply with local standards on tax accounting and disclosures.



Transparency is a hallmark of high standard of Governance. Accordingly, Mphasis believes in paying taxes wherever admittedly due and furnish information as solicited by the appropriate tax authorities in a timely manner.