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Cloud Platform to Manage Customers


The customer profile management system could be the right tool to better understand the customers. Customer profile management enable you to reach, influence and build your client base. It allows you to detail your customer by helping you develop the right understanding of your target audience. In this situation, the business should focus on better understanding of their customer’s mindset. Later, this customer understanding could be leveraged to create the right products, offers or even product packages.

The profiling also helps you realize the shortest and most effective path to reach and acquire your customers. Otherwise, having to appeal to your customers may become an evading process that fails to realize the true potential of your business. It also enables you to reach and engage with your audience in significantly better ways.

We have effective ways to define and iterate on your ideal customer profile. You can also find the potential ways through which the right customer profiles can help you figure-out and expand your customer base.


Introducing the new, easy way to access the Airline - now login using the email

Follow the steps below to login using the new system.

  • Log in using your Aeroplan number or e-mail address.
  • Verify your account by updating your password and verifying your email address.
  • Use all your Aeroplan applications as usual, with the added security and convenience of the new customer login system.


Get access to information from the feed

With the growing number of customers, carriers had to overcome numerous challenges to make booking fast, convenient, and operationally easy. Twenty years or so down the road in the 60s, the whole booking process could be accomplished in minutes – through a travel agent.

Fast forward to today – and previously unimaginable – travelers enjoy fully automated ticket booking, reserving, and paying for flights using smartphones.

We have a customer data platform where we source the user travel information with all their past and present data, in parallel, it provides an AI model for identifying the travel preferences and populates it to the user in their next booking which he would like to make. As a result, customer can have a fast and hassle-free experience.



Mphasis has a service system called the CDP (Customer Data Platform) that is directly linked with PSS (Passenger Service System) to understand the user bookings as it can store all the information in the Dynamo DB.

Thousands of passengers get stuck at the airport. Family events get missed. Vacations are spoiled. All these real-life scenarios are result of a small failure in your computer system. Something that is very common nowadays. PSS is one of the modern solutions created to change the current state of things to the better.The Airline Passenger System (PSS) has evolved into an essential concept, that plays a vital role in the airline industry. PSS is the process responsible for managing customer interaction with airline, from booking a ticket to boarding a flight. Mphasis has an ability to analyze the customer travel pattern based on which we can provide better solutions for the passenger’s needs. This in return not only can upside the revenue but can also help building a strong customer relationship.

Passenger Service System has many sections and all of it can be provided inside this


  • Airline Reservation Systems
  • Airline Inventory System
  • Departure Control System
  • Internet Booking System
  • Loyalty System
  • Ancillary System


The market is very competitive today, new formats and technologies are being used to meet the rising demand of customers thus Mphasis has the capability to accomplish all of this for you.


CPM has the ability to integrate with any third-party system. We have developed the same solution to our client CHOICE for a passenger check-in

The check-in process enables passengers to confirm they will be on the respective flight, obtain a boarding pass, possibly select their seat (if hasn’t happened already or allowed by airline), and check-in luggage onto a plane, if desired. All of this can be done through the mobile app.

The benefits of this includes

  • One can avoid potential check-in lines at airport
  • Print boarding pass at home or obtain boarding pass electronically (can also wait to reprint at self-service kiosk at the airport)
  • Select seat assignment(s) before others (if applicable)
  • Choose to get updates of possible changes to departure times leading up to the flight


Booking flights should be electrifying

You’re planning a trip away for fun, frolics and relaxation. The reality, however, is different; the user experience on airline sites can be stressful and unpleasant. This is largely down to the battering course of extras we have to navigate, checking and rechecking that they haven’t been sneakily added into your cart. We stand on the facts, the business goals, and our user needs. This vision has allowed us to design products that not only work great and look sharp but also make our investors happy.

Being available and all-inclusive is what we swear by.

Jon Wiley, the head designer of Google Search in 2012 once said: “When I think of design and creating great user experiences, I generally think of it in terms of three things: usability, utility and desirability.”

Mphasis UI design covers these key components of user experience quite nicely, which means you can likely improve the user experience with our product UI.


NLX conversational self-service automation combines the best of AI and human support, resulting in efficient and frustration-free customer interactions. Mphasis has Integrated with NLX who is trying to build a conversational agent based on our CPM platform for a best experience for our customers.


Opinion mining has been ordinarily connected with the examination of a content string to decide if a corpus is of a negative or positive sentiment.

We performed data analysis on major airlines using machine learning techniques to understand/identify the opinion of the tweets, categorize on topics. This allowed us to build the historical and real time dashboards with the airline's performance charts using twitter opinion and common problem customers are facing on the on/off travel.


Intensely competitive environment, customer satisfaction has become the key focus of airlines to help them retain existing customers and enhance opportunities of attracting new customers. The present study focuses on understanding the importance of various attributes that impact passenger satisfaction based on online ratings from Skytrax. We have used the data to come up with few solutions,

Statistics on the user rating on different categories (Seat comfort, Wi-Fi and Infight Entertainment, Customer service, Flight service, airport service etc).

Top 5 and worst 5 performing airlines based on the rating on different categories by applying custom weightages.

Analytics based on Legacy and low-cost airlines.


To provide better customer experience, industries are moving towards AI enabled customer service chatbots which can simplify customer care’s work and speed up resolution times while automating a huge amount of support answers.

We have built a custom solution around airlines to enable customer to make a booking, check flight schedules and capability to include other services using custom chatbot with real time backend integration using text and voice.

This chatbot is built in ADP platform integrated with ADP data lake using Amazon Lex, Polly and Lambda as backend service which can be integrated with any messaging service and websites.