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From A Typical Challenge to A Technology Solution


An airline is vulnerable to disruptions caused by natural disasters to technical issues. Passenger travel re-accommodation continues to be a significant challenge in dealing with passenger journey disruptions. Today every airline is striving to reduce operational costs. The travel industry worldwide loses about $35 billion annually due to disruptions.

At Mphasis, we combined our years of experience in the aviation and travel industry and our expertise in leveraging cloud services. Along with that we applied our ‘Customer at the Centre’ philosophy to create the right technology solution to transform your businesses. We are here to help you save significant costs and to empower your businesses to stay ahead of the curve.


Flight delays and cancellations have become important factors that affect passengers’ airline preferences.

If the disruption is not handled properly then the economic and social benefits for airlines may be undermined. Even a single ad-hoc flight cancellation puts tremendous pressure on the ground staff to accommodate passengers on next flights and generate their new PNRs.

With our Disruption Management solution, we are ready to re-accommodate multiple delays and cancellations within minutes. Such operational efficiency is achieved by making the best decisions based on real-time data about availability and flight details. This is an effective and fast resolution to the problem by minimizing manual intervention. In other words, a significant boost to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.


Our solution manages disruptions efficiently

By making real-time adjustments during flight disruptions with its variety of options for the most complex operational problems in minutes. The re-accommodation solution provided is at the PNR level based on the availability of inventory and the priority set by the Airline based on the class of service, the frequent flyer membership and special service requirements of the passengers.

The solution uses a set of rules, defined by the Airline, to analyze re-accommodation situations at each PNR level and determines all the possible solutions across the Airline’s entire network. The solution finds alternate flight departures by considering the origin and destination of passengers.


The re-accommodation solution provided is at the PNR level based on the availability of inventory.

The priority set by the Airline based on the class of service, the frequent flyer membership and special service requirements of the passengers.

But we did not stop there. We understand that the parameters of re-accommodation will be different in different situations. To address the business needs we have equipped the user with our Business Rules Engine. Here, every rule that our solution follows can be tweaked and modified to get desired results.


While the industry becomes increasingly competitive, putting the Passengers first is the principal long-term strategy for the Airlines.

With our Business Rules Engine, the airline can recognize and reward their most valued customers through quick re-accommodation solutions.

As per industry reports more than 75 percent of airlines believe that effective disruption management is the key factor that will ensure to enhance Customer experience and control operational expenses. An Airline can measure the direct costs of delays and cancellations, but the impact on brand loyalty can be long term. Our ‘Customer at the Center’ philosophy ensures improving customer experience where our solution keeps the passenger at the forefront. With a quick and effortless solution for the customer we are able to considerably improve employee experience at the same time.


In today’s world Businesses either master the digital age or decline.

Those that embrace agility can adapt faster, deliver regularly and remain customer focused.With an agile solution like Mphasis Disaster Management software, an airline is ready for the future with the ability to compete and thrive in the digital age by responding to market changes and emerging opportunities with digitally enabled business solutions.

We build our products capable of perseverance and consistence. Our zeal to measure and adapt is integral to the process and provides opportunities to learn and adjust to continuously deliver high quality solutions.