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With exacting demands of today’s travelers, airlines need to leverage the right technologies to create superlative omni-channel experiences through various airline apps. To do so, however, it is critical for airlines to sustain the stability and reliability of their core systems even as they innovate to satisfy the ever-changing expectations of their customers.

Mphasis’ Airline Core IT Modernization services achieves all of these for airlines. With more than two decades of industry experience and expertise across multiple airline functions, we bring together cutting-edge platforms, products, solutions, tools, frameworks and accelerators to achieve modernization at speed and scale — and at reduced costs.



Our domain expertise spans the entire value chain of airline functions — PSS, Crew, Cargo, Loyalty, MRO, DCS, Flight Planning & Operations, etc. Combined with our airline product expertise, design-thinking excellence, and strong technology and innovation capabilities, we have developed modernization programs to achieve digital transformation that sets newer benchmarks of excellence in convenience, safety, and efficiency.


At Mphasis, we take immense pride in spearheading the airlines modernization movement through seamless digital solutions, and our proprietary Front2Back (F2B) approach. Our powerful technology ecosystem comprises teams with excellent capabilities in Mainframe, TPF & Cloud Center of Excellence and digital who develop niche tools, frameworks, accelerators and enablers to speed up modernization Initiatives for major airlines across the world.

Additionally, our unique internal learning platform enables professionals to develop, enhance and specialize across all relevant skills across an airline’s business functions. This how we have developed cutting-edge proof of concepts and points of view for airline modernization.


We add innovation and cutting-edge technology to our domain expertise to deliver the following business outcomes:



Enhanced Operational Efficiency
Through streamlining and automation of critical operational processes (reservations, check-ins, baggage handling, etc.) we enable airlines to optimize resource allocation, reduce manual errors, and enhance overall efficiency.

Seamless Passenger and Agent Experience
From booking to landing, our modernization solutions deliver hyper-personalized and seamless journeys through user-friendly digital interfaces — enabling passengers to effortlessly manage their reservations, access real-time flight information, and receive timely notifications.

Data-driven Decision Making
Our advanced analytics, AI/ML and Quantum Computing solutions empower airlines to harness the vast amount of data generated in the industry to gain valuable insights into customer preferences, operational patterns, and market trends — and make the right decisions.


Cost Optimizations
Our modernization initiatives deconstruct legacy applications in self-funded increments with minimal IT overhead to manage change and significantly reduce technical debt, and optimize spending while continuously delivering real business benefits.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection
Mphasis Modernization solutions helps Airlines fortify their infrastructure, implement robust security measures, and stay ahead of potential cyber threats.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements
Mphasis helps facilitate accurate record-keeping, reporting, and compliance with safety, security and privacy standards, helping airlines avoid penalties and legal repercussions.


The best of industry expertise, digital and technology strengths, process capabilities, and analytics excellence come together in our airline modernization services.


Deep understanding of Airline core business functions

  • PSS
  • Crew
  • Cargo
  • Loyalty
  • MRO
  • DCS
  • Flight Planning & Operations

High engineering and technology strengths

  • Mainframe
  • TPF
  • Cloud Centre of Excellence (CoE)
  • Test-driven development with Automation and AI/ML
  • Internal Training platform (DSKOOL) to build domain knowledge and specialized functions


Key Partnerships with Cloud Service Providers
Plus, utilization of funding programs to for cost optimization.

Mphasis Modernization Factory
Leverage Internal IPs, tools, frameworks, accelerators and partner tools.