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Mphasis’ Fares and Ticketing solutions and services deliver accurately calculated pricing based on real-time published and private fares, rules, taxes, and currencies. Incorporating a wide variety of transactions to fully support airline fare needs and sales process, they offer total flexibility to maximize yields and revenues.



Across diverse types of ticketing, our fares and ticketing services provides the following winning features to provide the combined advantages of real-time accuracy, yield and scale:


• Powerful search and calculation tool – to process large volumes of fares with precision, adhering to industry standards.

• Comprehensive pricing for all fares – including constructed fares, routings, and all ATPCO, IATA and SITA tariff products.

• Flexible architecture - to support web-based and standalone clients, and CRS or airline pricing requests.

• Optional fare services – to support ancillary services that complement airline travel for additional revenues.

• Robust database - that stores all fares with associated data, including rules, taxes, currencies and mileage.




Our expert professionals have delivered differentiated solutions to airlines across a wide range of requirements.


• Automated Baggage Rules (ABR) solution – that provides airlines and ground handlers the necessary information to calculate a passenger’s baggage allowance, fees and conditions for multiple stages during booking and travelling.

• Tax automation product - an industry-first solution to improve accuracy, and time and cost saving by eliminating manual tax record processing.

• Premium economy fare structure - fare construction rules for clear, transparent and consistent pricing for passengers for interlining premium economy journeys.

• Branded fares - data organization to provide flexibility and reference points within the data to support ancillary revenue development, and improved product recognition and yield.

• Tax on ancillaries - ancillaries may be related to flights, tickets or merchandise.



Mphasis Fare and Ticketing services and solutions deliver the following key business outcomes:

• Comprehensive system: The base fares system is supplemented with key inclusions such as ATPCO Category 31 and 33 for ticket reissue and refund, and ATPCO optional service fees for baggage and product catalog offerings.

• Industry-aligned standards: Our solutions followIATA industry standards and supports all ATPCO categories with a complete set of public and private fares.

• Total reliability: Our fares architecture enables rapid failover and redundancy, offering proven, mission-critical reliability in production.

• Depth of data: Our systems accommodate pricing and display 24 months of historical data.

• High focus on service: Our solution-specific support desk is available 18 hours a day, with round-the-clock on-call support.

• High accessibility: The XML enabled web service with service-oriented architecture expedites transaction calculations through virtually any sales channel.

• Value-driven: Built on a low-cost platform, our solution is highly cost-effective.