IROPS (IRregular OPerationS)


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Mphasis’ IROPS provides airlines with alternate and immediate solutions during travel disruptions to build and sustain high customer loyalty and confidence. A complete solution of integrated components, IROPS re-accommodates passengers in seconds to protect revenue and brand loyalty.



Mphasis’ IROPs delivers the reassurance of managing travel disruptions with speed, efficiency and accuracy with its business-rule driven automation. This enables airlines to make real-time adjustments with its variety of options to the most complex operational problems in minutes. This protects airlines’ revenues and brand loyalty.


Delivered in a Software-as-a-Service model, IROPS is web enabled for ease of integration with legacy applications. The Airlines Passenger Service System (PSS) and Departure Control System (DCS) remain the systems of record, leaving the Airlines in control of their own data.


IROPS creates a complete solution of integrated components to enable airlines make real-time adjustments to their recovery strategy.


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IROPS re-accommodates passengers in seconds to protecting revenue and brand loyalty. Key benefits include:


High Efficiency

With maximized inventory use and defined business rules, IROPS automates agent re-accommodation tasks to reduce overheads.

Secured revenues

Through faster protection, IROPS reduces passenger compensation and refunds.

Enhanced customer loyalty through consistent passenger experiences

IROPS helps airlines to recognize and reward their most valued customers through positive interactions, personalized solutions and clear communication.

Predictive capabilities

With its strong predictive capabilities, IROPS can model future disruptions to plan and deliver the best solutions personalized to their travellers’ needs.