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A major American multinational conglomerate Health Information Systems (HIS), which provides strategic services and solutions for healthcare performance measurement, management, and analysis that help its more than 5,000 clients reduce costs, improve performance, and raise the quality of care by shifting from volume-based to value-based healthcare.


The client wanted to build a scalable, secure automated, and customizable infrastructure on the cloud to transform HIS (Health Information System) division application lifecycle management. In addition, they wanted to enable development environments for various product development teams to build and deploy new applications for HIS system in a version-controlled, ephemeral, customizable, and well-governed ecosystem. The client aimed to eliminate the error-prone manual processes, decrease IT operational overhead, shift the focus of its HIS division to the core business of healthcare analytics and accelerate the time to market.




Mphasis Stelligent was engaged in developing and managing a customizable infrastructure framework at a scale for development teams to build their custom platform by selecting the default configurations with ease, security, and reliability. This helped the development team focus on the core business of application development instead of developing and debugging infrastructure builds that supported the applications.
Mphasis also helped the client to transition applications from its many on-premises IT centres and collocated environments into the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and implemented:

  • AWS Service catalogue to CI/CD platform to reduce bottlenecks, strengthen compliance, governance, and control requirements for automated pipeline provisioning
  • AWS Cloud formation templates to help avoid manual configuration errors and bring consistency across pipelines

Our team helped transform the client’s application-lifecycle management from a traditional waterfall approach to an agile methodology to enable continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).
In addition, we helped the client to shift to a DevOps culture successfully.


Provisioning time cut from days to 10 minutes

AWS Cloud formation templates create consistent, compliant pipelines

Faster provisioning speeds customer feedback loops and time to market

Enabled the product teams with self-service automation