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A large Electronics Manufacturing Company in the US had agile release cycle of two weeks for product testing, with CI/CT implemented. Each testing cycle had two SIT deployments per week and one deployment into UAT. After every deployment, the team used to execute standard set of regression test suite in SIT before deploying into UAT.

The client faced the following challenges in the process:

• Manually tracing 7k test cases and identifying optimal test suite for a release was time consuming and prone to human error

• Prioritization of the test cases for release, was partly manual

• Defect leakages

• Lack of coverage of edge cases




With the help of Cognitive Quality Engineering platform, the client could overcome the existing challenges as it helped in –

Predicting the regression test cases to be added to the plan for a new requirement, based on the historical data

Generating priority order based on the number of times a test case was used in past releases, mandatory test cases, and historical patterns of defect occurrences

Optimizing the test suite based on the complexity which is defined in dataset against each test case, and priority



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