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The client is a large mortgage lender that wanted to extend its reach with brick and mortar stores. These branches had to be conveniently located for customers to visit and offer comprehensive services. The bottom line was that the company wanted to finalize branches after thorough analysis and evaluation and needed a partner to help with the assessment.



The client aimed to grow its retail footprint by setting up over 200 brick and mortar stores and needed our help with setting up a decision matrix for optimal branch location. To achieve the client’s goals, our objective was to build and test a predictive decision support model, help the client to select the most appropriate locations, create market attractiveness index for over 388 MSAs in the US, leverage internal and external data, and create decision matrix and performance predictions.



To enable the client with accurate identification of mortgage branch locations, our team devised the following two-part solution:


• Deployed a proprietary, AI-driven, analytics platform called DeepInsightsTM

• Created a ‘Market Attractiveness Index’


Mphasis’ DeepInsights™ has been named a Winner under the ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ category at Business Intelligence Group’s 2018 Stratus Awards for Cloud Computing. DeepInsights™ enables enterprises to engage with customers through personalized experiences and explore newer business models that leverage the potential of anywhere, any time, and on any device computing capabilities.


Our innovative solutions allowed the client to experience the following benefits:


• Accessed the attractiveness scores of dynamic markets, which enabled better decision making

• Built artificial intelligence models to adjust with changing market conditions in real time