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Domain: Campaign Analytics


Overview: Optimize digital campaigns by leveraging user generated content across multiple channels


User generated content is a key source of information for all customers seeking to engage with organizations in the digital world. In this ‘digital economy’ it is imperative for organizations to optimize their marketing campaigns and promotions so that they resonate with the correct set of users in the content, commerce, and collaboration networks. Channels like Twitter, Facebook, Search Marketing, blogs etc. have become a critical component for these campaigns and provide a great opportunity for companies to expand their brand presence, increase their brand value and in turn generate higher revenues.


Enterprise Challenges

  • Identifying the most relevant digital engagement channels and current topics  
  • Gaining Insights into own and competitors brand value and perceptions.
  • Identifying of right influencers to market new products, increase brand awareness and brand value on digital channels
  • Identifying the locations of prospective customers to serve the customer most efficiently through appropriate sales and delivery network locations


HyperGraf™ Solution

  • Collects data from Blogs and social media channels like Twitter for the campaign
  • Applies geo-location analytics to identify the clusters and areas of maximum interest and gaps in delivery network
  • Uses natural language  processing algorithms to identify the trending topics In the industry
  • Identifies mind share and sentiment of the different brands on multiple channels
  • Uses proprietary social network analysis algorithms to identify the right brand promoters on digital channels 



  • Benchmark brand awareness and brand value in the industry
  • Insights into market advantage/disadvantage in relation to the competition
  • More effective campaigns through better customer reach using network analysis algorithms.
  • Identify influencers, advocates and detractors of the campaigns
Campaign Analytics