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Industry: Insurance/Financial Services


Overview:  Identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities in Insurance Domain


With the availability of customer data generated from multiple digital touch points, organizations are now poised better than ever to provide cross-sell (related products) and up-sell (higher value products) recommendations to their customers. Predictive analytics and machine learning driven cross-sell and up-sell opportunity identification can help organizations reduce acquisition costs, increase customer lifetime value, and increase wallet share.  HyperGraf™ allows Insurance companies to gain significant insights and provide a customer 360 view by tapping into multiple data sources ranging from demographic, financial, insurance, competitor along with social data. 


Enterprise Challenges

  • Identifying the potential prospects for an Insurance company’s product portfolio in B2C and B2B scenarios
  • Providing an Omni-channel view of current customers for better customer service and sales opportunities
  • Identifying the right products for the right users.


HyperGraf™ Solution

  • Identifies and Integrates data from multiple data sources ranging from Enterprise, Financial, Competitor and Social Data
  • Builds a 360 view of your customers 
  • Identifies customers with high insurance, credit and CLTV scores
  • Identifies cross-sell opportunities by using appropriate machine learning techniques for customers
  • Runs recommendation algorithms to identify the right set of products for the customer



  • Increase in revenue through increased wallet share and customer lifetime value
  • Decrease in acquisition costs with minimum spend in marketing Delivery through the delivery of right opportunities to the right customers at the right cost resulting in better brand value and customer reach
  • Better customer satisfaction results
Insurance/Financial Services