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Industry: Operational Analytics


Overview: Automate the operations reporting system to help analyze operational data and KPIs in detail


Managing day to day operations of businesses today has become a daunting task because of plethora of data generated, geographical spread of teams working in silos, and complexity of the information systems. These factors lead to underutilized resources, non-utilization of historical data for problem solving, and a multitude of ad-hoc reports being generated. Making appropriate data and insights available to the managers can lead to long term cost savings though more efficient allocation of resources.

Enterprise Challenges

  • Ad-hoc reports and lack of visibility into all aspects of the operations.
  • Creating scalable architecture that can be used across multiple Line of businesses with minimal changes involved
  • Availability of easy to use statistical modelling and data visualization tools and techniques
  • Real time data and analytics insights for operational decision support
  • Improving resource utilization and capacity planning


HyperGraf™ Solution

  • Integrates data from document management systems and error databases
  • Automates the reporting function by replacing the current error prone and time consuming excel based system with user friendly integrated BI views 
  • Reduces manual intervention by automating the ETL function and reading and tracking productivity data from the workflow applications
  • Displays KPIs for LOBs on a single screen
  • Uses Time-Series Modeling for forecasting arrival volume, trends, NIGO and resource optimization
  • Utilizes proprietary NLP algorithms for E-Mail, call log and complaint log analysis to reduce time taken in solving frequent operational issues 



  • Automation of reporting system to reduce latency, consolidation of data, manual errors and provide an interactive, near real time and user friendly decision support system
  • Improved resource forecasting and capacity planning
  • Better user experience and enhanced decision making utilizing easily accessible web based interactive dashboards for SLA and Trend reports 
Operational Analytics