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Industry: Retail


Overview:  Improve decision making for retail chain operations by optimizing the merchandising, marketing and operation functions using Omni channel analytics


Size of operations and convergence of technologies in the retail chain businesses today require multifaceted decision support systems which can generate insights from an aggregate as well as individual customer perspective.  Assessing the promotion effectives, sales strategies, brand value, channel wise sales along with analysis of product placement and offers using POS data, helps in course correction and brings efficiency and innovation in operations .

Enterprise Challenges

  • Identifying the right sales strategies for client’s product portfolio taking into account the store location, customer demographic, promotions run etc.
  • Identifying the right product combinations to boost the product sales through offers and discounts
  • Increasing brand promotion effectiveness on social media channels


HyperGraf™ Solution

  • Integrates social, POS, customer, store and call center data
  • Identifies the top stores, customers, sales channels and products 
  • Runs appropriate algorithms like market basket analysis on the POS data to identify the optimal product combinations for an increase in sales through offers and discounts
  • Identifies brand influencers and detractors using social data using our proprietary Social Network Analysis algorithms



  • More relevant product placement, sales and promotion strategies
  • Adoption of best business practices across stores by identifying the misfits in the system
  • Better utilization of social media budgets by targeting right actors in the right channels for brand promotion 
  • Analyze customer social and geo-location data in real time and provide guidance to the nearest store or the right customer representative