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Storage / Capacity Management Overview: Predict business needs and optimize costs.Based on a research upto 30% of servers are comatose and no longer needed, which could lead to lowering infrastructure and maintenance costs.  Based on historical analysis and pattern matching, InfraGraf® predicts the demand and makes recommendations as to when enterprises need to go on cloud or extend or reduce the virtual capacity for optimized cost.

Enterprise Challenges

  • How much storage is required for future requirements
  • How much optimization is possible with current 
  • When and how long to go to cloud
  • Various options for cost reduction


InfraGraf® Solution

  • Analyze current storage
  • Forecast future demand and resources
  • Suggest optimum use of in premise and cloud combination for optimized cost



  • Suggest storage demand for next 6 months
  • Optimized resources
  • Eliminate wastes
Capacity Management