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Complex Interdependency Analytics


Overview: Conduct complex interdependency analytics for more accurate prediction.  


Enterprise technology infrastructures are complex systems where multiple systems, devices and sensors are connected to each other. 80% of development funds are spent identifying and fixing defects. These interdependencies lead to cascading effects in the system. InfraGraf® identifies error dependencies between system components and predicts sequence of events between affected systems to prevent interconnected failures.


Enterprise Challenges

  • Provide device interdependencies
  • Predict cascading effect


InfraGraf® Solution

  • Big Data analytics of complex interdependencies and error trends in technology infrastructure
  • Proprietary algorithms based on complex systems analysis, graph theory, pattern recognition, and machine learning  to identify sequence of events



  • Predict ripple effect between devices
  • Reduce interdependent failures
  • Control contagion failure effect
Complex Interdependency Analytics