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Mphasis is a leading global technology solutions provider with a robust portfolio of Front2Back
transformation programs applying a true omni-channel yet vendor agnostic approach with end-to-end customer journey
visibility while providing actionable insights to address client contact center and service desk needs.

At Mphasis, we use AI to create composable experiences that unify customer and employee experiences. Our solutions are hyper-personalized across key verticals and industries, catering to our clients’ needs and building business workflows or creating domain-centric solutions specific to their environments and address unique challenges they need to overcome.

We leverage the best in AI capabilities today to reimagine process automation, applying our STP (Straight Through Processing) framework, improving automation and efficiencies while reducing friction and manual, laborious tasks and processes. Our clients benefit from reduced TCO while they create new revenue streams, unleash efficiency and growth at scale.

As's only distinguished Platinum Partner, Mphasis brings forth our formidable platform technology and extensive expertise in product development, engineering capability and go-to-market strategies.


ai solution for contact center modernization



The Mphasis and partnership brings best-in-class, conversational and generative AI solutions to our clients, enabling new standards for customer, employee, and agent experiences for your business. + enhance customer experiences (CX) and improve employee experiences (EX) for a better, holistic unified experience (UX) across contact center and service desk solutions.

Combined with's Experience Optimization (XO) Platform and its advanced multi-algorithmic generative AI to leverage across large language models (LLMs), Mphasis elevates the potential for innovation and advancement.


Discover how you can harness's technological expertise to enrich your next-generation contact and service center solutions.



Mphasis’ partnership tenets with covers:

Professional services: Flexible Opti-shoring for effective and efficient execution of’s professional services.

Product engineering: Extended use of Mphasis technical and industry-focused solutions, integrations and PE services that help accelerate GTM of’s new features and functions.

Contextual client-tailored solutions: Holistic and end-to-end solutions across business operations and technology facilitating Zero Cost Transformations to address customers’ tactical and strategic needs.

Solution Architecture + Overall solutioning, development of integrated generic and contextual assets utilizing Mphasis Innovation Labs, guidance from our Architecture Council, and industry-focused groups

Conversation design: Augment client and industry-specific conversational design using Blink’s (Mphasis’ wholly owned subsidiary) Evidence-Driven DesignTM.