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The client is a European, auto manufacturing giant whose key businesses depend heavily on information technology (IT) services. As a rapidly growing business, it wanted to leverage cutting-edge technology to transform customer experience and accelerate operations.



The client’s inefficient IT systems were giving rise to issues such as high cost of ownership and lack of visibility into operations, impacting change and problem management initiatives. Its IT ecosystem was highly fragmented with multiple tools and systems working in silos, unable to communicate with each other. Reliance on multiple IT vendors added to the fragmented environment and made integration difficult. As a direct result of this, employees began to perceive the IT service desk as unreliable. The combination of these issues with the clients’ outdated processes made it increasingly difficult for the IT service desk to keep up with consumer requests, forcing the client to turn to our team, at Mphasis, for help.



Our team conducted detailed analysis of the tickets generated by the environment and segregated them into opportunities for:

• Zero touch: Resolve incidents without any human intervention

• Predictive intelligence: Predict device failure or interruptions before the event

• Self-heal: Apply basic resolution steps for low-risk events

Based on the analysis, we proposed the following solutions:

• AI-based Automation and Cognitive Analytics: Deployed InfraGenieTM, our AI-based automation platform. By predicting and preventing issues before they occurred, InfraGenie™ substantially reduced the volume of service tickets. This helped achieve a flexible and cost-effective model for the client

• Service Delivery Platform: Implemented the Service Delivery platform as part of InfraGenie™ deployment, and delivered information from multiple sources through a single, easily digestible, intuitive view. This enabled the client to get the complete picture of the ecosystem and take a business-centric approach to IT

• Next-gen Service Desk: Offered a more user-centric approach to the client’s workplace, keeping it up to date with technology skills, while analytics helped it discover ways to improve the customer experience

Our work for this project won us the ISG 2017 Paragon awards in the ‘Imagination’ category for creativity and entrepreneurial spirit in helping organizations future-proof businesses and serve customers better.


Prediction of device failure with 97 percent accuracy and zero touch resolution of repeat incidents ensured many tickets were resolved before they occurred, ensuring high uptime for the system. The IT infrastructure revamp improved stability and reduced unplanned downtime. Our innovative solutions allowed the client to experience the following benefits:

• 15 percent overall L1 effort mitigation as a result of alert reduction and overall suppression program

• 100 percent success rate of changes implemented

• 75 percent reduction in alerts

• 45 percent ticket automation

• 80 percent reduction in average IMAC (Install-Move-Add-Change) completion rate

• 40 percent left shift of incident management effort

• 30 percent reduction in costs

• 97 percent accuracy in prediction of device failure