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A leading, Australia-based company; which manufactures and supplies building and construction materials, was undergoing a huge digital transformation. In this move from legacy to next-gen, the client wanted to streamline its operations, improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, and ensure security.



Some of the challenges the client faced included connecting various systems using web services or inbuilt connectors and enabling them to exchange data and create configure, price, and quote (CPQ) deals accurately, quickly, and easily.



We, at Mphasis, provided the necessary application program interface (API), service oriented architecture (SOA), and digital solutions using Mule enterprise service bus (ESB). Our services helped to:

• Enable existing sales executives to continue using the legacy Dynamic CRM solution

• Provide real-time interfaces and APIs in Mule to sync newly added accounts and contact numbers of customers in Dynamic CRM to Salesforce

• Offer cron-based daily and monthly scheduled batch jobs in Mule to synchronize various entities between Dynamic CRM and Salesforce

• Integrate Salesforce using connector provided by Mule through OAuth mode of authentication and enable SSL for rest of the APIs hosted

• Integrate Mule with Amazon S3 Bucket using the connector to pick up data needed to be synced through batch jobs hosted in Mule

• Create custom logger connector to push logs to Splunk and provide common error-handling framework in terms of a jar

• Provide efficient CI/CD solution using Maven, Bit bucket, and Bamboo for automated deployment of applications on CloudHub

• Utilize existing policies in API Manager of Anypoint Platform to enforce client-based authentication


Our solution enabled the client to enhance performance as follows:

• Improved pricing feature for the client, handling simple to highly-complex products and pricing configurations across all sales channels

• Increased security check at data and network level

• Provided reusable frameworks to be used in Mule as a part of project implementation

• Reduced the time taken in overall tracking, monitoring, and delivering

• Standardized processes and components

• Optimized cost and process in end-to-end support of the integration platform