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Effectively bridging the cybersecurity gaps

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Enterprises today are facing the challenges of the growing cybersecurity skills shortage, need to establish always ON security operations (24x7x365) and do more with less. While many enterprises are focusing on using tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to solve these problems, having the right set of skills, capacity and coverage is essential to reap maximum benefits from these next-gen tools and technology. Many a times the CISOs see low ROI from their investments; this is mainly because of the talent shortage and inability to establish an “always ON security operations”.



Mphasis’ Cybersecurity Support as a Service bridges the cybersecurity skills shortage through trained and experienced specialists, and offers flexibility to scale based on the need of the business. It provides capability as a service that helps -

• Address shortage of talent

• Achieve 24x7 security operations (always ON security ops)

• Ensure service continuity and resiliency

• Optimize cost which helps reinvest your savings to improve overall security


Achieving all of this without losing control over your security operations (unlike in a usual MSSP model), frees your experts, enabling them to focus on niche areas. You can alternatively leverage Mphasis expertise to plug any skill gaps ranging from the analyst to expert levels.


Cybersecurity Support as a Service also enables enterprises execute “follow the sun” service model effectively for security operations with a combination of onsite and offshore based teams. It is well suited for businesses that are -

• Rapidly growing and expanding with a need for agility, security skills and capacity.

• Significantly investing in cybersecurity but lack resources in offshore locations.

• Offering boutique security services with no offshore investments


Scale up and out based on needs on capacity and expertise

Provide service coverage of 24x7 with a combination of onsite and offshore support

Maximize value at lower cost for your customers without investing and owning offshore assets

Service delivered from physically and logically secure (ISO 27k1, SOC Type 2) facility

Better visibility to threats through solutions and domain expertise across industries and clientele

Accelerate maturity, implement improvements and respond faster to incidents



Mphasis Talent Next provides experienced and trained resources that help -

• Address the challenges around skill shortage
• Enhance value realization through newly acquired skills
• Future-proof businesses
• Maintain cost effectiveness

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