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Mphasis featured in HFS Top 10: Cybersecurity Service Providers, 2022

The HFS point of view portrays Mphasis as a partner with solid security engineering expertise and capabilities around cloud native, AI, and automation.

Mphasis cybersecurity focuses on engineering expertise bringing differentiated capabilities around cloud native, AI, and automation to solve unique challenges organizations face. Mphasis organizes its cyber defense service portfolio into three key areas:

  • Security Program Management (including advisory and governance)
  • Integrated Threat Monitoring and Incident Response
  • Security Managed Services

Our internal platform and framework investment initiative, SPARKLE, accelerates the onboarding of new partners to create a global partner ecosystem and joint GTM strategies.

Mphasis innovation hubs NEXT Labs, NextAngles™, and NextSTEP™ ensure cybersecurity services design, delivery, and support in line with client requirements.

We help clients improve the ROI on their security initiatives through existing cybersecurity service portfolios and continuous improvement initiatives, such as improving compliance adherence or reducing incidents. Our services include digital identity and access security, intelligent threat monitoring and response (SOC), cloud security, Infrastructure security, data security, GRC and Digital Forensics

Mphasis uses a mix of strategies to build skills, including hiring skilled resources with experience and certifications and upskilling, re-skilling, and cross-skilling existing resources. As a result, we have a dynamic approach to talent retention, ensuring career progression.

Our clients recognize us for our relevant cybersecurity domain expertise, especially in Digital Identity, Cloud, and DevSecOps security services, and the quality of services, customer responsiveness, capability to react quickly to new requirements, flexible relationships throughout engagements, and the push for continuous improvements.

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