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An American multinational pharmaceutical corporation was looking for secured Protected Healthcare Information (PHI) as required by HIPAA and HITECH. They faced challenges such as -

  • Data breaches and internal data leaks within the environment, mainly due to around 200k unaccounted identities in the system
  • About 1500 applications not integrated to the existing IAM platform and being managed manually
  • No tracking mechanism for the individual SSL certificates expiration date resulting in business downtime
  • Extremely aggressive deployment deadlines leading to incorrect coding and increased vulnerabilities



Mphasis helped the client design threat justified security operation functions to meet regulatory goals and defend against emerging threats. We

  • Deployed data leak solution complying to HIPAA & HITECH
  • Reduced the data breaches through intelligent vulnerability prioritization
  • Implemented workflow automation for onboarding, decommissioning and renewal process
  • Onboarded 1500 high risk applications on IDAM platform and integrating through SSO
  • Developed a digital certificate inventory tracking and reporting tool to enable timely renewal and harvesting
  • Developed SharePoint based portal for the web-based reporting, trending vulnerability data and remediation tracking to counter increased vulnerabilities


• Low vulnerable environment.

• RBAC and data privacy.

• Web-based reporting of all identified exploits and remediation status.

• User onboarding within 24 hours and de-provisioning within 30 minutes

• Operational cost optimization.