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Mphasis AR, VR, and MR Practice connects the dots between the user and virtual, augmented, and mixed reality solutions



As digital user journeys have become commonplace, enterprises must redefine offerings to gain a competitive advantage and to keep pace with emerging technologies. From product catalogs, simulations, and trials to maintenance, customized solutions with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are enabling enterprises across sectors to innovate and perform better. Our AR, VR, and mixed reality (MR) practice empowers businesses to take the next digital leap as we shift from the point of sale (POS) to the point of experience (POX). We blend both the physical and digital ecosystems to create digitally transformative, immersive, and user-friendly customer experiences that are user-centered and relevant.


Our Experience Design Center of Excellence, coupled with AR and VR, leverage design thinking to merge physical and digital touch points to create extraordinary user journeys. We combine our capabilities in big data, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and holographic visualization technologies that enable us to develop enriching customer engagements.

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We provide a wide range of solutions for banking, insurance, logistics, and manufacturing sectors. From data visualization to telemetry, we enable enterprises to humanize digital experiences and optimize performance. Some cross-domain scenarios that we have identified are mentioned here.


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Immersive, Yet Real-world Connected View

High Performance with an Easy-to-use Interface

Better Trend Maps Using AI Insights and Measured News

Hologram Insights: True 3D Models of Complex Data or Multi-variable Models

Collaboration Views and Space

Skype Integration