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The client is a global, energy management company that faced operational challenges due to the lack of a solution that enhanced cohesiveness amongst project stakeholders. It was also burdened with outdated systems, complex products, and lack of process standardization. The enterprise needed greater visibility into project lifecycles and cutting-edge analytics to drive better performance.



The client was facing issues with poor visibility into products in the market and its impact on end consumers. Together, these factors resulted in poor productivity and a high cost of operations. Under such circumstances, the client needed a partner who could not only set up a digital center of excellence (CoE) but also navigate other challenges.



Our team addressed these challenges by creating a 100-member digital CoE that connected all stages of the project life cycle. We worked on the following:

  • • Platformed current and new applications
  • • Created a mobile platform with frameworks/components built within digital CoE
  • • Developed a visually interactive engagement wall (VIEW) and numerous apps such as:
    • Customer care app
    • Closed-loop CRM app
    • Smart home control app
    • Mix and match B2C app
    • Circuit breaker analysis and a POC app
  • • Offered advanced analytics
  • • Provided cloud-based services that connected all stages of the project lifecycle
  • • Ensured agile and continuous delivery


Through our Digital CoE, the client received the following benefits:


• Reduced cost of ownership and operations by 20-30 percent

• Enabled global products to be offered in the local market (country-specific) with local customization, adhering to regulations and compliance needs

• Allowed partners, employees, and users to customize and configure local products by selecting subparts to meet their requirements

• Reduced complaint volumes at call center by up to 30 percent

• Offered alternative choices of subparts (up-sell) and related products (cross-sell), during product customization

• Scaled the solution across global business units

• Increased revenues by 20 percent

• Eliminated localization (country-level) of product information, rules management, configuration information, and manual effort

• Standardized processes across the program

• Ensured availability of product information on-the-go via mobile apps

• Delivered better services to end users

• Increased the frequency of new releases