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The Healthcare industry constantly struggles with exponentially growing data, repetitive tasks, complex and slow IT systems, impacting operational efficiency for better patient outcomes and quicker response time.


Mphasis offers healthcare automation solutions driven by our proven accelerators, partner ecosystem, and NEXT Labs proprietary solutions that include Hypergraf™, DeepsInsights™, CognitiveGuru, and Optimize.AI. Our end-to-end business process automation solutions address key functional areas like customer experience, provider network maintenance, claims, enrollment and billing renewals, and changes.


Whitepaper : Deep Learning and Image Analytics to Monitor Healthcare Guidelines and Workplace Safety



icon alt text Cognitive and Quality Test Automation(CQA)


Mphasis CQA platforms and frameworks help the clients intelligently automate the testing tools, scripts and optimize testing cycles to decrease product development time and improve accuracy for claims processing, enrollment, and care portals. Through our NextSTEPTM, DevOps Methodology, Microservices Automation tool we enable businesses to configure workflows testing for high-priority, high-impact activities in the healthcare value chain. Explore our Testing services.


icon alt textBusiness Process Automation


Mphasis combines Robotic process automation, AI, and ML to provide self-funded transformation through process re-engineering & automation to reduce operating costs in benefit plan management, provider management, member services, and claims administration.


We leverage HyperGrafTM, DeepInsightsTM, Lean & Six Sigma to create an autonomous cognitive system that continuously learns from experience, constantly improves, and rapidly adapts to fast-changing business scenarios of customer experience channels, provider enrolment, credentialing, claims adjudication & adjustments. Explore our BPS solutions.




icon alt textIT Ops Automation


We enable healthcare organizations to automate next generation composable services and solutions to ensure high availability of infrastructure with unmatched efficiency by automatically identifying changes in the environment, proactive problem management for reducing incidents, and better capacity planning. InfraGenieTM – a zero-touch zero-impact integrated service management and automation platform, takes care of the complete ticket lifecycle. We provide network services, service orchestration, and service management for ITIL functions, self-service catalogs, and single-click deployments. Explore InfraGenieTM


icon alt textLab Automation / Provider Automation & Integration


We integrate artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and deep learning to transform hospital labs digitally to provide state-of-the-art processes and equipment like bench-top/ Microscopic instruments, Diagnostics equipment, Stand-alone Lab systems, and Capital instruments. Our Provider automation & integration services for hospital labs effortlessly integrates automated workflows, guided user interface to enable multidimensional acquisition, device control, real-time image capture analysis, video streaming, and quick data retrieval for procedure based guided surgeries.


icon alt text Revenue Cycle Management(RCM)


Mphasis RCM automation incorporates process automation tools that accelerate workflows and streamlines operations to maximize the performance of available resources. We leverage Mphasis Javelina, Blockchain, Quantum computing offerings to improve billing efficiency, reduce the time between claims and payments, decrease overall claims denials and others, and offer Staff augmentation, Contact center, and Payer management.