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Enhance customer experience and profitability of mature and legacy products

Medical device software products have long life spans and have been built with many legacies and heterogeneous technologies, which impacts their maintainability and viability. Med Tech companies incur sizeable costs in maintaining these products and are forced to lock up resources from developing next-generation products. These challenges are exacerbated by evolving regulatory requirements from US FDA and EU MDR, bringing a special focus on data integrity and product security.


With over two decades of domain and technology expertise, Mphasis' product sustenance team helps companies focus on innovation, customer acquisition, and new product development while taking end-to-end ownership of products. Our robust Product Sustenance Engineering (M-PROSE) framework helps classify the product as mature, legacy, and EOL and apply the right set of solution levers accordingly.


Benefits of M-PROSE include :

  • Risk-free transition
  • Enabling Application Modernization to migrate to newer technologies
  • Upgrading development and testing platforms
  • Enhancing delivery processes
  • Applying cognitive techniques to enhance end user experience
  • Reduction of overall TCO





Achieve reduced maintenance and support costs of products

Enable revenue increase from EOL(end-of-life) products

80% reduction in client-team involvement

Increased NPS and CSAT scores for end customers

Over 20 years of experience in MedTech Regulatory implementation and maintenance




Analytical Instrumentation Provider Extends EoL of Product By 10 Years and reduces Operation Costs By 60%