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Contextual Innovation at Speed & Scale



Today, there exists a chasm between the supply and demand sides of the enterprise innovation ecosystem. On the supply side, you have startups that are fast and nimble but lack scale and distribution. Also, there’s a need to contextualize and shape their products and technologies into fully enterprise-ready and adaptable solutions. And on the demand side, you have enterprises that have been traditionally slow to innovate and find it hard to continuously assess, curate, test, implement, integrate, deploy & scale innovative technologies to meet their various business transformation needs.


Mphasis has designed the Sparkle Innovation Program precisely to bridge this chasm and enable our enterprise clients and startups to overcome their challenges to co-innovate and co-create transformative solutions at speed and scale.  Sparkle adopts the Mphasis ‘Front2BackTM’ approach, leverages a global ecosystem of innovation partners and our Innovation labs to deliver contextual Innovation-as-a service to our enterprise clients. Sparkle is designed to enable enterprises to assess, implement & scale innovative technologies at a much lower risk, cost and time-to-market.


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Mphasis through the Sparkle program offers unique Innovation-as-a-service offerings that enable our enterprise clients to effectively outsource their innovation function in part or as a whole while gaining a very cost-effective ‘pay-as-you-use’ service that includes the dedicated infrastructure and resources that drive or augment their innovation efforts. The key components of this service are:


Sparkle Labs – Sparkle Labs are secure, dedicated labs set up to serve your specific innovation needs. Sparkle Labs offers end-to-end innovation services from design thinking, technology curation, and evaluation, prototype/ PoC development to testing, integration, deployment, scaling and managed services – and do all this without disrupting your existing systems. We provide you with all the people and infrastructure resources, experts, and work with our innovation partners to deliver continuous innovation for your enterprise. Contact us to learn more


Specialized Innovation Programs – Mphasis has instituted specialized innovation programs focused on innovation within specific domains, such as Mphasis ALTA – an innovation program in the financial payments space. ALTA is an open and inclusive innovation program that brings together enterprises and their supply chains, banks and financiers, fintech startups, ISVs, technology and infrastructure providers, and academia. Jointly, we take a hands-on approach to tackle relevant industry problems and develop cutting-edge technology stacks and disruptive business models. Mphasis has similar programs in other horizontal and vertical domain areas such as operations and insurance. Contact us to learn more




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Based on our broad and deep experience innovating for our enterprise clients, Mphasis has developed a Front2BackTM approach where innovation starts with the customer, i.e., in the front-end and leverages a flexible ‘middle layer’ where enterprises can gain the flexibility to innovate without disrupting existing back-end systems. Enterprises adopting this customer-centric F2B approach can leverage existing enterprise data and assets to experiment with the power of new cognitive, cloud, IoT, blockchain technologies in an accelerated manner and at much lower cost and risks. Further, newer methodologies such as agile / DevOps offer speed and flexibility that enable businesses to make incremental changes, adjust courses based on continuous feedback, and evaluate efficacy before deploying changes to production. This approach also allows simpler strategies, smaller budgets, less risk, and improved ability to launch new products & services faster without disrupting or overhauling core systems thus making continuous innovation truly possible.


The process organized to address specific business challenges and incorporates systematic design thinking, process mining, solution strategy and rapid prototyping steps that converge to help a client arrive at solutions. Sparkle accelerates the Innovation process to address specific customer problems via focused solutions presented at structured ‘Sparkle Day’ events complex problems in a fraction of the time it takes them otherwise. This innovation process promotes ambitious experimentation with innovation in controlled environments, guided by business objectives, and without the costs and risks for our clients. Contact us to learn more



The Sparkle Innovation Ecosystem ‘Applies Next’ beyond what is developed in-house at Mphasis and by their partners. This is a unique powerhouse that leverages disruptive start-ups, meticulous research compiled by academicians, innovations and frameworks posted by practitioners from various industries, economies and geographies globally.


By partnering with and investing in the next wave of disruptors through an open innovation approach, we deliver solutions that solve today's problems and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. The Sparkle Innovation process thrives on an ecosystem of innovation partners, including startups, research organizations and academia,  that we have researched, curated and onboarded as a part of this program. With our global presence, we have a robust network, relationships and capabilities that help make a global ecosystem of innovators and technologies that are locally accessible to meet the innovation needs of your business.


Sparkle serves as your reliable bridge to the global innovation ecosystem, we help you understand how best-in-class, enterprise-proven startups and innovative work being done in research organizations, and academia can help you gain a competitive advantage. Then we build contextual solutions leveraging the right innovation components (both horizontal and vertical / industry-specific) to help you unlock growth and accelerate your transformation. As a vital part of the Sparkle’s Innovation Architecture, co-innovation is at the heart of what we do. Inhabiting both worlds, our unparalleled viewpoint helps organizations of all industries work with startups and other engines of innovation effectively to apply emerging technologies and catalyze our clients’ growth.
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