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As Automation technology advances to greater maturity with the infusion of AI, combining process orchestration, data and event processing through Workflow, image and document processing, BOTs are becoming the key constituent of digital workforce of the enterprise.

Building and Operating BOTs are 2 sides of the same coin, Both these activities must be successfully executed for the overall success of the Automation Initiative. With growing number of BOTs in the estate, there is pressing need to manage the digital workforce effectively and at a reduced OpEx.

Introducing Dr. BOT, a BOT that manages all the Bots in the farm, a BOT that learns and develops, nurtures and shepherds the multitude of Bots deployed at the enterprise. Dr. BOT essentially automates the automation support and monitoring.



Dr. Bot conceptually is a highly customizable Super BOT comprising various traditional and intelligent automation toolkits and a web-based interface to help manage the growing digital workforce.


Bot Management & Monitoring

Enable and Disable Bot Triggers
Identify continuous failures of a scheduled job, take corrective action and send alerts.

Bot Status check
Identify unresponsive Bots and perform basic sanity checks like restart of services to fix or notify for further action.

Dr. Bot agents to check RPA issues or Monitor Jobs
Identify common errors across automations and alert if the number of failures exceeds the configured threshold. It also analyzes the Bot logs using AI & ML to identify anomalies.

Dashboard/Live Monitoring

RPA Dashboards can be built that provide real-time business insights along with task execution status of the robotic processes. This dashboard is platform-independent and can be accessed remotely.
Insight Dashboard help organizations:

  • Provides real-time insights to business users on BOT Performance
  • Enable visual representation of RPA insights covering Bot ROIs, Performance, Business and Technical Exceptions, Utilization, Status on deployment dependencies
  • Optimize costs through its pay per user, transaction.


Interfacing with ITSM & Stakeholder Interactions

Create Incident Tickets & Assignment
Identify any issues resulting in BOT failures and notify the respective business or technical teams for corrective action. This effectively reduces ~30% of overall manual efforts.


Infrastructure Management

VDI Creation Request
VDI requests can be created by BOTs. For example, post completion of SIT, the Bot will automatically place the required number of VDI request.

Service Account Creation
Proactive creation of Bot service accounts as per agreed naming convention. Dr. Bot ensures seamless availability of production service accounts for new processes which needs to be deployed into production.

Basic Access & Policy Exemptions Creation
Dr. Bot can be configured to create request tickets to provision access to basic applications like office 365, share drive access etc. Dr. Bot can request for policy exemptions such as MFA, Password, and account expiry etc.

Server Clean-up
Dr. Bot can work 24/7 to monitor server health such as CPU & memory utilization, disk space, temp file clean-up, rollback of windows patches (if required) and take corrective action. Dr. Bot can perform scheduled restart of servers as part of routine maintenance.

License Management
Proactively monitor the Bot licenses and identify unused licenses and inactive users.


Application Management

Maintain & Manage Business Objects
Perform the in-scope application login and availability checks before the actual automation execution. If the application’s availability check fails, then the BOT creates ITSM tickets and disables the schedules.

Password Management
Actively check the new passwords to ensure they are working as expected and notify if any issues are identified.




Dr. Bot helps increase Both tangible and non-tangible benefits by improving overall efficiency of RPA. Mphasis has successfully deployed Dr. Bot at multiple client organizations. Dr. Bot deployment usually follows successful delivery of an automation engagement resulting in hundreds of BOTs in the Estate.

Below are some of the benefits delivered by Dr. BOT in some of the large Automation Engagements across Clients.

  • Reduction in human efforts leading to increase in ROI.
  • Enhance Bot utilization by ~17% by leveraging intelligent scheduling feature
  • Improved TAT (Turn-Around-Time) by making BOTs more efficient and capable to intake larger volumes (17%)
  • Improve Bot efficiency by ~21% by reducing exceptions. This is primarily achieved by implementing application and VM health checks

One of the Leading Real Estate Management Firms based out of NA reported ~27K savings per month with successful implementation of Dr. BOT.