Undoubtedly, the shift to ecosystem business models and engineering composable business platforms is boosting revenues and earnings for organizations. This is the 'Everything-as-a-Service' approach that delivers faster innovation and comprehensive digital transformation with emerging technologies.


Mphasis XaaP (Everything as a Platform) Services enable the transformation of organizations to platform business that deliver connected, seamless and delightful customer experience. Our platform offerings include

  • Platform Design Services: We use design approach to identify your business network and ecosystem value streams. The engagement generate a new business and operating model for your marketplace offerings. We have delivered new revenue channels under 3 months for successful global organizations
  • Platform Engineering Services: Engineering is in our DNA, we build platforms to integrate value chain partners to offer new products. We have engineered platforms for our customers in logistics, banking and insurance domains to offer products and services on open and proprietary marketplaces
  • Engineering Innovation Platform [XeiP]: We transform Engineering for our customers by establishing cloud native frameworks, tools and community driven team organization. Our customers have improved ‘quarterly release process’ to ‘on-demand’ hybrid cloud deployments under a year!


Mphasis XaaP Services acts as a focal point in the cloud, enabling the management of the enterprise’s entire technology stack for next-gen application provisioning. It integrates software, platform and infrastructure as a service from any environment via a single common platform across the enterprise. This seamless integration of business and technology enables organizations to develop, deploy and manage services on a common delivery platform supporting all delivery channels.






We enable the next generation of branch banking regardless of what channel customers choose to interact at any given time. Our Retail Delivery Platform Services break down siloed operations to create a unified banking delivery ecosystem to support all banking capabilities. Banks can maintain an enterprise catalog of business services and capabilities, even for channel-specific services

With an agile and flexible architecture to support current and future customer journeys, our Retail Delivery Platform Services delivers full-channel experiences in a digital-first world of banking, including:

  • Customer identification/authentication at the teller window
  • Pre-staging an ATM cash withdrawal
  • Pre-staging a cash payment to another individual at the ATM (babysitter use case)
  • Pre-staging a coin order to a self-service branch locker (small business)
  • Ordering a cashier check for quick pickup
  • Location based services for staff awareness when customers enter branch and to push relevant offers


MobileFirst vision to address Gen-Z user needs

Mphasis' eMaaP solution provides thought-leadership across industry segments to drive Mobile Channel and Edge device-mesh strategy and address digital citizens such as robots, connected cars, etc. Its foundational components achieve composable and disposable architecture to implement micro-frontends and microapps. It goes beyond mobile App development to address mobile-first data security, edge analytics, intuitive CX, and immersive experiences.

We continuously innovate to adopt emerging technology trends such as 5G, Machine Learning, IoT, Device-Farm and middleware mBaaS (Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service) to enable businesses become leaders in their space. Through our extensive partner ecosystem, we build end-to-end mobile-first solutions.

Our Centre of Practitioners (CoP) create POC / POT / POV, best practices and foundational platform components, to accelerate product MVPs and drive overall business growth and ROI.


Modernizing Engineering for Digital Relevance

Mphasis' XeiP portal solution allows product designers and engineers to enhance their productivity and innovation. It allows stakeholders to discover the entire software ecosystem in the enterprise in a central location, including the owners of various services and APIs, and all relevant technical documentation.

Such discoverability limits duplications and drives reusability of existing services.

Key features of Mphasis XeIP include:

  • Fully searchable catalog of all services, components, APIs and documentation
  • Scaffolding tools to kickstart new developments or infrastructure based on approved Enterprise Architecture patterns
  • Single pane of information around products
  • An architecture based on plugins to easily integrate new features in the portal



Mphasis XaaP Services frees enterprises from the chains of channel application silos with the following features:




Once integrated in their IT ecosystem, clients experience the following advantages of Mphasis XaaP:


Rapid development of new services

The available Developer Portal enables organizations to develop new service at speed, and aligned with the enterprise architecture patterns. This is achieved by composing with referential building blocks made of polyglot code templates, infrastructure as code, domain data and metadata, configuration, automation, testing, observability and documentation.

Automated assembly and integration of services

The autopilot automation engine automatically assembles and integrates newly composed services on to the chassis and connects them with other business capabilities - be it onPrem, in the cloud, in the fog or at the edge

360° observability

The embedded Control Tower provides total observability of the XaaP service comprising digital experience, application performance, infrastructure, security, policy, DevOps, greenops and finops data.

End-to-end mobile-first offerings

eMaaP marketplace offerings provide end-to-end mobile-first solution through our partner ecosystem (MXPD, mBaaS, Device Lab, etc.)



The Bank Branch of the Future