InfraGraf® is an intelligent infrastructure automation platform that optimizes enterprise technology infrastructure investments. 


What is InfraGraf® ?

InfraGraf® is a Big Data complex event processing engine which enables enterprises to innovate and make strategic decisions regarding their technology infrastructure through actionable insights by correlation and causation analysis structured and unstructured data.


How does InfraGraf® work?

InfraGraf® models enterprise technology infrastructure as complex systems consisting of interconnected servers, network devices, internet of things, industrial equipment etc. The powerful machine learning and graph theory based algorithms built into the platform identifies and predicts stand-alone as well as chain of events and incidents which could be related to system warnings, failures, outages, performance, availability and sub-optimal performances. 


  • Device health prediction
    Provides early warning system for device and component failure.Identifies inter dependencies, cascading and ripple effect.

  • Spare part inventory management
    predicts inventory requirement at each and every location to reduce costly downtime and optimized inventory

  • Storage management
    Optimizes on premise and virtual server capacity. Predicts the demand and suggest the need to go on cloud

  • Root cause analysis
    Generates root cause analysis of incidences, failure and performance. Provides drill down geo spatial analysis

  • Optimization
    Prediction model helps in optimized maintenance schedule, service downtime and respective resource planning

  • Service contracts
    Redesigns the vendor SLA and insurance contracts on the basis of business priorities and device health index for optimized cost

  • Incidence management
    Incidence management platform offers Intelligent ticket routing, in depth incidence analysis and SLA breach reporting

  • Self heal
    Identifies the defectsand automates the repeatable tasks with respect to monitoring and resolution

  • Optimal network design
    Redesigning the network to optimize performance by monitoring and predicting redundancies and Errors